Affiliated to CBSE

Affiliation No. 531539



  •          To promote among children and every member of the school community, an abiding passion to learn, imagine and excel.

    ·       To engender excellence beyond the classroom and enable children's holistic development through an array of curricular and co-curricular programmes - intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, artistic and athletic.

    ·         To help every child develop creative and critical thinking and discover their latent talents.

    ·         Make children aspirational in their goal orientation and steadfast in their effort.

    ·   To ensure the well-being and sustained development of every child by providing a secure, caring, collaborative and technology-enabled environment.

    ·      To provide children with opportunities to experience the rich legacy of India's history, traditions and culture and appreciate its importance in developing themselves as thoughtful individuals and responsible members of society.

    ·    To develop in children sound work ethic, tolerance, courtesy, humility, respect for others, moral courage and service to society.

    ·     To inculcate the values of empathy and compassion in children through participation in community service activities and outreach programmes.

    ·        To provide children with a wide range of learning experiences which will enable them to practice a disciplined and healthy lifestyle and acquire essential life skills, self-confidence and leadership attributes.

    ·      To develop children as responsible citizens with a global perspective and environmental awareness and care, being aware of their current and future roles.

    ·    To offer educational programmes of the highest standards with committed teachers and by providing a learner-friendly environment and state-of-the-art campus facilities.

    ·        To introduce and integrate proven and innovative pedagogical practices and emerge as a model of educational excellence.

     At PIET Sanskriti Senior Secondary School, we are guided by a set of values and attributes that are central to our ethos-