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Covid 19


My Dear Students,

This has been a tough and challenging time for all of us and I do hope that you and your families are safe. The world as we know it has seen a major change this year. The pandemic has made us make some drastic changes in our lifestyle. It is true that COVID-19 has hit our life in unpredicted ways and daily we get to hear news about this new disease. This pandemic and lockdown has impacted the wellbeing of the whole world in some way or the other. Mental Health Professionals consider it normal to experience some stress reactions, worry and anxiety during this time. But if anyone is experiencing extreme panic, depression, anxiety or worsening of physical or mental health conditions, they may need to seek the help of Mental Health Professionals immediately.

In order to deal with these stressful situations, are Counselor will be available for Tele Counseling for any student in need. Please find below the phone number of whom you can contact in case of any need. The Government during this pandemic has taken all the necessary steps to control the spread of the disease and it is our duty to respect and follow all the mandates given by the Government authorities.

A true Pietian accepts every hurdle and deals with it gracefully. We are a big Pietian Family – the Management, the Staff, the Students, our Co-workers. We love and care about each one of you and we support each other through our prayers. We are in this situation together and we will surely come out victorious. Just follow the instructions given to us to remain indoors, maintain social distancing, wear protective homemade masks, clean your hands with sanitizer or soap and water. Do not be upset but take this opportunity positively. Spend quality time with your family members, cultivate creative hobbies, practice yoga and meditation, exercise and register for online courses.
Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Helpline Numbers for Tele Counselling

  • Ms. Dr. Shivani Sharma
Government Approved Resources
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Quarantine tips for pietians

Corona has transformed our perception of the world around us and made us redesign our lifestyle. Concepts of Social Distancing, Lockdown and Quarantine have become dinner table conversations. Adapting to these changes temporarily can save lives and for the first time in history we can contribute to our country’s well being by staying at home. We understand that staying home isn’t easy for all as it requires a herculean amount of inner strength especially when there is ambiguity about our future. It is important for us to move forward and understand that worrying about the future just ruins our present and at the same time give some structure to our daily life while practicing the government advised norms of Social Distancing and Quarantine at all times.Here are few tips to help you spend your time during Quarantine:-

  • Restrict the amount of news you consume during the day to one or two times.
  • Pick up an old hobby like reading, sketching, painting, stitching, writing etc.
  • Include at least 20 to 30 minutes of some form of physical exercise to your day. It could be dancing, on the spot walking/jogging or some basic yoga asanas.
  • Try to learn a new language through applications available on your smart phones.
  • There are plenty of free online courses as well as open libraries, pick up any course that you are curious about.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Start a journal or blog. If you are a talented cook or makeup artist, you can set up your own tutorial videos.
  • Do contribute to your community as well. Feed the needy and the stray animals in your vicinity.
  • Practise pranayam and meditation. Yoga isn’t just about asanas, it is very helpful in managing stress and anxiety.
  • Try to manage your sleeping hours. Our sleep-wake cycle affects our mood as well so try to sleep on time at night.
  • Eat nutritious food. It seems extremely tempting to indulge in binge eating or eating junk everyday but a balanced home cooked meal is extremely important for your immunity.
  • Most essentially communicate with your family. There are varieties of board games that are catching dust in our houses since the smart phones took over, bring them out and enjoy with your family.
  • If you have to step out of house in case of some work, do wear a mask and then step out. Maintain a good hygiene at home as well.
  • Most importantly please understand we are in the midst of a pandemic, it’s not a productivity contest. Take each day at a time and be gentle with yourself.

We are always more brave than we know. Let’s be kind to one another.Stay happy and stay safe.

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