Proud PIET Ians - PIET Sanskriti Senior Secondary School

Proud PIET Ians

Proud PIET Ians

We all have felt the sweat that they have shed. Their success is a testimony that they have burnt the midnight lamp to add strides to the wonderful result. They have made us proud by achieving great  milestones. And the 100% success could only be a figment of the imagination, if  they had not toiled hard to the best of their capabilities. Though marks will never be a mirror to your intelligence  but we are sure you have gained immensely while being a Pietian. Thus,  PIET wishes all of them luck for future endeavours and hope to see them shining brightly in all domains.

PIET is elated to share with you here our glorious and CBSE BOARD Class X and XII   Achievers.

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