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Just a Teacher…

Just a Teacher…


I heard you say other day,

“Oh, you’re just a teacher anyway.

You laugh and play your day away.

You’re free at 3, have your summers off.”

You snickered softly and even scoffed.

I’m sad to say, that you just don’t see,

What being a teacher means to me.

Sure, I laugh and play my day away…

Because learning is fun and that’s just my way.

If I were free at 3 and had my summers off,

I’d snicker softly and even scoff…

But you see Good Sir, Ma’am, Madam or Miss,

Being just a teacher is much more than this.

I just teach your child to read and write,

To just explore and question,

To just think and be bright.

I just dry their tears when they’re having a bad day,

I’m just there for them in each and every way.

Your most precious asset just deserves a lot,

And being just a teacher, I am not.

I dare you to just take a closer look.

For being just a teacher doesn’t come in a book.

It comes from the heart and it’s a passion you see,

So, being JUST a teacher is fine by me!

-Swati Taneja Kapoor (PIET NFL, Panipat)

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