School Strategy - PIET Sanskriti Senior Secondary School

School Strategy


The goal of PIET Sr. Sec. School NFL is to provide a safe, respectful and welcoming learning environment. It is our belief that the safest schools are those that foster a climate of support and respect and that instill a sense of community among its students, families and staff. Building security, incident response, threat assessment and motivation reduction are additional components of this effort, all of which go on to make it in the ranks of the Best CBSE schools in Panipat

Our students are the key to our safe school. We have been trying to build the positive relationships between staff and the students so as to develop school spirit and cooperation. We also believe in maintaining open lines of communications.

Our school strives to engage all the students in positive school activities and to identify and address behavioral issues before they reach a crisis point.

Staff Training

We have been providing training to staff on an ongoing basis and on a wide range of topics such as:

  • Bullying
  • Protective Behaviors
  • Classroom Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Physical Support and Gang Intervention

We are in the process of getting the police verification for all the employees as directed by the Supreme Court of India.

Deployment of Areas In charges

PIET Sr. Sec. School NFL employs a staff of 5 Areas Incharges on different floors whose primary function is to provide for the safety of all the students.

Installation of CCTV Cameras
  • We have installed 78 cameras in every corner and corridor along with different areas of our school campus which includes main entrance of the school building, field, play station, canteen, all the classrooms, staffrooms and at the toilet doors.
  • We have provision of NVR which helps us to screen 33 classrooms at a time on the LED in the Reception Lobby. The speakers are connected to all the classrooms and corridors for any kind of announcements. We can also listen to the conversations of all the classrooms amongst the students.
  • Public Address System is also available for any immediate announcements.
  • All the electrical gadgets and electrical points are checked regularly so as to avoid any untoward incident.
Traffic Safety
  • PIET Sr. Sec. School NFL recognizes the importance of student’s safety to and from school. To this end, the school participates in a joint effort with the Police Department.
  • The School/ Traffic Safety Committee meets regularly to address specific concerns and to review significant traffic reviews.
  • The maids have been deputed in each and every bus for the morning and afternoon routes.
  • We have 11 drivers and 7 bus conductors in our transport department. The Police verification of all the drivers and the conductors has been processed.
  • The resting place for all the drivers and the conductors has been fixed outside the school building their washrooms and the water point is also outside the school building.
  • In case of any changes in the bus route we inform the parents about drop-off and pick-up points.
Student Code of Conduct
  • The school guides to the most appropriate and consistent school responses with the goals of improving student behavior and maintaining a safe environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. We have been informing the parents telephonically about any problem with the child. Immediate action is being taken at every end.
  • All the bathrooms have been deputed with the female Class IV staff outside the washrooms.
Reaction to Community Incidents

Student’s conflicts that occur outside school have the potential to continue in the school. To minimize the risk potential, we have been attentive to the community incidents that involve students.

These incidents are identified and resolved before they affect working of the school and jeopardize the safety of the students. The school accomplishes this by maintaining open lines of communication with the students and families. For the improvement of the child’s behavior we help the child to meditate and get the counseling by the school counselors.

We always welcome and attend all the parents even if they come without prior appointment.

Let us go ahead together and work for the safety and security of our children so as to avoid any mishappening in the nearby future.

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