Affiliated to CBSE

Affiliation No. 531539

Pastoral Care

At PIET Sanskriti Senior Secondary School, the pastoral care and guidance of pupilsisseen as the responsibility of all. It is mainly carried out by the homeroom teachers who ensure that guidance and support are always available to every pupil.

This multifaceted approach has been exceptionally successful in helping children from different backgrounds to adjust to life at PIETSSS, leading them to personal, social and academic fulfillment and excellence.

The Pastoral System deals with a whole range of matters, including academic progress, guidance to different courses college/university selection, school attendance and personal issues. Another aspect of this system is the maintenance of a well-disciplined environment. Our rules are designed to support the well-being of the School community and, although disciplinary sanctions are clearly stated, our policy relies on a sympathetic and positive approach. Our expectation is that pupils will demonstrate high standards of behavior.

The School also cares deeply about the health and safety of the pupils. An experienced and qualified nurse is employed, who will administer first aid when necessary and whom parents contact if children have any allergies or
medical condition.